Sheila Aldridge was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. From the time she could hold a crayon she’s been drawing on everything. When she was 2 years old she drew her family portrait on the wall of her bedroom and her mother kept it there until it was time to sell the house and had to be painted over. Illustration and art are her passions. In 2000, Sheila graduated from Portfolio Center in Atlanta with a certificate in illustration and she’s been illustrating ever since! She would love to illustrate something that you’ll really love.

She has two distinct styles, both digital and painterly.  She’s illustrated 4 children’s books and has worked for many fantastic clients like Ableson Taylor, Ann Klein, Proof Positive, Leap Frog, Rising Moon Publishing, Penguin Putnam, Tricycle Press, UPS, Atlanta Magazine, Business to Business Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Working Woman Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Twist Magazine, Bali, The Super Group, Brown Bag Marketing, SPANX, and many more.